The top of the stand has a sheet of UV resistant Acrylic sheet lifted off of the metal for fast and easy placement of your Display Poster.

When fully assembled, this stand is approximately 42 inches tall and weighs 20 pounds. The stands are offered in a raw aluminum finish, or can be powder coated in hundreds of different colors.


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Prices for the raw aluminum stands are:

$275 plus shipping

Powder coating prices vary,

but most standard colors are $80.

Vinyl stripes, decals and hydro dipped effects are also available, please contact.


  This rugged 3-piece display stand was

designed to proudly display an 18’’x24’’

poster during car shows and events next

to any make and model of vehicle.

The stand is made from 5051 aluminum

plate and has solid 1/2 square legs that are

machined to ensure a perfect fit before

they are assembled in a jig, and welded together. Next the stand is fitted and drilled for it’s clear acrylic top sheet and it's stainless steel locking hardware. 

This stand is very sturdy! It’s rock solid foundation begins by parking your tire onto the base plate. From there you simply slide the center section onto the base, then attach the top portion of the stand and secure everything with the thumbscrews on the back of the legs.

Because of the stands large base plate you’ll always be able to position it far enough away from your vehicle to open and close the hood without clearance issues. Another benefit of the large base plate is you’ll be able to use your stand without parking your car on it.  Although, parking on the stand during events is HIGHLY recommended.

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